The Importance of Local Markets

June 23, 2020 Markets have been important meeting places for thousands of years. It is part of the human experience to assume a role within a larger group of people. From primitive life to modern, there have always been those who took on roles of hunting, gathering, and gardening while others took on different rolesContinue reading “The Importance of Local Markets”

Nature, the Great Leveler

April 19, 2020 Society is based on a hierarchy in which individuals are generally made to feel greater or lesser than others based on political power, wealth, education, religious order, fame, or race. As we are finding out, worldwide, an unseen organism can level out the playing field. It strikes equally without consideration of status.Continue reading “Nature, the Great Leveler”

A Backyard Pollinator Garden

April 12, 2020 It is hard to imagine a world without flowers. They bring joy during times of celebration and solace during times of sadness or grief. Though the beauty of their form, colour and fragrance is so appealing to us, their true purpose is to attract the little creatures who act as couriers betweenContinue reading “A Backyard Pollinator Garden”

The Forest as Inspiration to Create a Woodland Garden in Your Yard

April 5, 2020 The beauty of the natural world has inspired artists and poets since humans have been able to express their creativity on paper and canvas. Woodlands and forests are common destinations for people who just want to get away from the regular hustle and bustle of modern life. Now, as many workplaces andContinue reading “The Forest as Inspiration to Create a Woodland Garden in Your Yard”

Getting started in the garden

March 22, 2020 This year’s arrival of spring presents a unique experience for all of us. Circumstances have strongly encouraged or mandated us to retreat into our own spaces as winter draws to an end and the world deals with a pandemic.  Perhaps there is a silver lining.  Once we set panic aside and makeContinue reading “Getting started in the garden”

Using our yards to extend a helping hand

March 15, 2020 If we had the opportunity to go back in time for a glimpse of the landscape and people who occupied this area a few hundred years ago, we wouldn’t recognize the place or the way of living. There are still areas relatively untouched, but even these pristine areas show modern human influence.Continue reading “Using our yards to extend a helping hand”