Catching the Vibe

May 6, 2020

We look for meaning in everything by reading books, watching videos, searching the internet and when we don’t have a pandemic, listening to speakers at gatherings. We search for gurus to provide that key to success in every possible field and aspect of our lives.

Gardeners follow the guidelines like everyone else who is unsure about something. And that’s great provided we take the guidance with a grain of salt. Afterall, no one knows our situation in all its details better than we do.

The more open we are to general knowledge, the more likely we can navigate through any situation that presents itself. Knowledge can be gained from those around us, from “how to” books and videos but the most important knowledge comes from experiential learning, by taking the approach of trial and error. That involves pushing the envelope and making “mistakes” best called learning opportunities. Then, we can share knowledge gained with those who wish to learn from us and do so without arrogance as what works for us does not necessarily work for others.

Few people would dispute that there is more to us than the confines of our physical body. Our bodies are fleeting manifestations of the universal energy that exists within and around us. There is an underlying intelligence that we can all access if we look deep enough. We really do have infinite potential. There is a guru within each of us that can be accessed anywhere anytime.

If we step outside the confines of our physical, emotional and intellectual identity, we get a much broader view of the universe. A great place to do this is in the outdoors. This can be in a woodland, meadow, looking out over a body of water or in the garden, wherever there is little disruption from human noise or voices in the head that tell us to do this or that. We call it “clearing the head”. Once we let go of all the constrictions that have so stringently defined us, we make it possible to see our amazing potential.

As gardening connects us directly to all life forms and the elements that we are made of, it has the potential to provide us with a sense of place within the universe. We rely completely on the energy from our star and become aware of the rotation of the earth as the sun appears to move across the sky. Each molecule of water we drink has circulated around the earth in rivers, oceans, clouds and lifeforms since it made its way to our planet in asteroids or comets billions of years ago. Each breath we take is composed of countless numbers of atoms that have circulated on earth since its beginning. We consume the fruits of our garden and recognize we are part of a complex food web that ultimately connects every region of our planet. As the sun sets and we look up and see Venus glowing brightly above along with the moon and the trillions of stars and galaxies, we know our connection to the whole universe goes back billions of years and will go on for billions more.

To feel one with the universe helps us tap into collective knowledge, understanding and wisdom. We need only look deep within ourselves to discover that we are the universe conscious of itself. Once we collectively recognize that, we will no longer feel separated from all that is. The problems that have afflicted civilization and its impact on the natural environment will be behind us.

We can seek the help and wisdom of gurus, but be aware of our own incredible potential and the truth that lies within us. Once our mind is quiet, many of the answers we seek will simply reveal themselves.

Looking at the great expanse of the universe humbles us as a seemingly insignificant speck, but each component is a significant part of the whole. Imagine if one cell out of the trillions that make up our body decides it is insignificant and dispensable. Surely, the whole body suffers when that one microscopic cell no longer sees a purpose for itself.

When we abandon arrogance that comes from a feeling of human superiority and take direction from Nature, we “catch her vibe” and simply understand.

Published by Natural Themes Farms

A small scale farm located in Frankford, Ontario specializing in working with nature to grow and sell: * North American trees, shrubs, wildflowers, vines and ferns. * fruits and vegetables, grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

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