From Human-imposed Order to Natural Order

Most of us have been instilled with a sense of order. We naturally look for patterns to help us make sense of our surroundings. Chaos shakes us up and makes us uncomfortable. I grew up on a farm where plants were seeded or planted in straight lines set apart at a consistent distance. It madeContinue reading “From Human-imposed Order to Natural Order”

Gardening Naturally – Taking our Cues from Nature

Declining biodiversity is one of the most serious issues today.  With the growing demands of the human population, species in all parts of the world are being stressed due to climate change, habitat loss, and pollution.  We are seeing unprecedented rates of extinction.   As landowners and gardeners, we need to recognize our role in providingContinue reading “Gardening Naturally – Taking our Cues from Nature”

Looking back on 2020

As 2020 draws to a close, it is a good time to reflect on the past year. The social, economic, physical and emotional impacts of the pandemic is staggering. So many lives have been lost and so many other lives have been seriously disrupted. This has been a collective journey into uncharted waters. We’re allContinue reading “Looking back on 2020”

Little Children: Our Teachers

Back in University, I enjoyed my studies in the sciences and I continue to read and watch documentaries in this field. But one learns so much more by being and doing in the outdoors where the holistic teaching never stops. It is quiet and subtle. It embraces you and doesn’t expect anything of you exceptContinue reading “Little Children: Our Teachers”

Dealing with the Effects of Climate Change

In a world that is going through dramatic changes because of global warming, it is important for us to be aware of the changes that impact our spaces, fellow species and ourselves. With awareness comes greater adaptability and a commitment to do what we can to mitigate these long-term effects. I often look back toContinue reading “Dealing with the Effects of Climate Change”

Gardening in the Fall and Preparing for Winter

As our hemisphere tilts away from the sun during this part of earth’s orbit around it, the shorter days and longer nights bring on the cold.  All around us change is dramatic with trees now bare, birds heading south, chipmunks and squirrels gathering food for the long cold winter ahead, all accompanied by frosts and the first snow falls.  Continue reading “Gardening in the Fall and Preparing for Winter”

A Tribute to my Parents, Paul and Maria Heissler

In 2008, my husband Dan and I purchased part of the farm on which I spent most of my childhood. We built our “retirement” home and moved there in 2011. For me, it was a home coming. Though many of my memories of the farm were of seemingly endless work and struggle associated with buildingContinue reading “A Tribute to my Parents, Paul and Maria Heissler”

Gardening with Least Effort

In every endeavour, it is best to expend the least amount of effort to attain one’s goal. The old maxim of hard work ensures success is one we need to unlearn. Hard work tends to stress the natural environment and those around us while compromising our own well-being. As gardeners, the picture perfect, well-tended gardenContinue reading “Gardening with Least Effort”