Getting started in the garden

March 22, 2020 This year’s arrival of spring presents a unique experience for all of us. Circumstances have strongly encouraged or mandated us to retreat into our own spaces as winter draws to an end and the world deals with a pandemic.  Perhaps there is a silver lining.  Once we set panic aside and makeContinue reading “Getting started in the garden”

Using our yards to extend a helping hand

March 15, 2020 If we had the opportunity to go back in time for a glimpse of the landscape and people who occupied this area a few hundred years ago, we wouldn’t recognize the place or the way of living. There are still areas relatively untouched, but even these pristine areas show modern human influence.Continue reading “Using our yards to extend a helping hand”

Get an early start on spring

February 23, 2020 A planter of soil, a pack of mesclun seed mix, and a sunny location or grow lights can get you a fresh salad in about 4 weeks.  Then, the cropped plants can produce again in another couple of weeks.  This can become the kick off to fresh greens from the garden inContinue reading “Get an early start on spring”

Choosing our own path forward

I believe that it’s good to be aware of what’s happening in the world, but it’s best to focus one’s efforts and resources on building a sustainable life style while ensuring the health of the small part of the planet one inhabits. However, it’s difficult to stand by quietly as our democratically elected leaders attemptContinue reading “Choosing our own path forward”

Groundhog Day and taking advantage of the longer days of mid-winter

February 2, 2020 There are few people who don’t tire of winter after a couple of months of cold and snow. So, someone came up with a peculiar way of figuring out whether winter will persist for much longer. It involves dragging a hapless groundhog into daylight on February 2nd to see if he/she canContinue reading “Groundhog Day and taking advantage of the longer days of mid-winter”

Edible and Nourishing “Weeds”

January 26, 2020 “Weed” is a term we use for any plant that assumes a place in our garden without being invited or appreciated.  To most gardeners, they are just plain aggravating.  These unwelcome plants are constantly challenging us with their resilience, quick growth and dominance.  Gardeners expend considerable time and energy trying to keepContinue reading “Edible and Nourishing “Weeds””

In memory of my mother

January 19, 2020 We are strongly influenced by those who raised us.  Whether we take on different beliefs or not, what we learned in our early years set the foundation for our lives.  As unique entities, each of my parents’ children has taken a different perspective.  It just means the influence they had on theirContinue reading “In memory of my mother”